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Angeln Saddleback

The Angeln Saddleback pig is also known as the Angler Sattelschwein. The Angeln…

The British Saddleback,  British Saddlebacks are hardy and noted for their mothering ability. The breed continues to be used mainly to provide coloured dams for the production of first-cross porkers, baconers and heavy pigs. The breed is known for its grazing ability and is very hardy. It has secured a niche in outdoor and organic production.  Many Saddlebacks have been exported to Nigeria and the Seychelles where the pigs have performed on coarse grazing in hot climatic conditions.

British Saddleback - we have a pedigree herd of these smart pigs Wondering.Is this what we call Hampshire in the US?

The Large Black pig is native to Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset in southwestern England. Originally known as the Lop Eared Black, the breed was selected for large size and efficiency of production on pasture and other forages. The Large Black gained popularity rapidly during the last half of the 1800s, and it was one of the most numerous of the English pig breeds in 1900.

These large black hogs are hilarious in this picture. I love how they are looking in opposite directions like it was not me who did that, I think it was you!

Breeds of Livestock - Meishan Swine — Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science

Breeds of Livestock - Meishan Swine — Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science

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pictured are the Basque aka ass black limousines (if that name isn't memorable nothing else is.) they are favored for flavor and lots of bacon and lard.

Meishan Pig  Origin: China. Meishan Prefecture. Type: Meat. Flavor: Succulent, flavorful, with lots of fat. Size: Small to Medium (adults average 130 lbs/60 kg). Color: Black with wrinkles. Temperament: Good-natured. Notes:  Very prolific. Slow growing. Resistant to many diseases.

Here's a quick overview of the most common and heritage breeds in the U. as well as the more notable breeds from around the world.

The Ossabaw pig breed is unusual and important for three reasons. Its history as an isolated island population has meant that the Ossabaw is the closest genetic representative of historic stocks brought over by the Spanish. Second, the presence of pigs on Ossabaw Island provides scientists with an exceptional opportunity to study a long-term feral population, which is well documented.

♥ ~ ♥ Pigs ♥ ~ ♥ Critically Endangered, Heritage breed: the Ossabaw Island Hog