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‘Glober’ BMW R100 GS – ER Motorcycles


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BMW R100GS Glober

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is not a technical instruction book but the tale of a journey punctuated with philosophical insights. The Motorcycle Diaries too has a title that requires further explorati

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RL      ER Motorcycles owned by Blaz Sustarsic of Slovenia has rolled out another impressive conversion of a 1989 BMW R100GS Paris Dakar which he named Glober”, commissioned by a photographer for long distance tours. Designed with adventure, earthiness and

BMW R100GS Glober

De Glober BMW GS is de ultieme partner op jouw wereldreis - Manify.

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You won't find two more different styles of motorcycle, than to compare a BMW to a Ducati. The Bavarian cycle is reliable and sensible like your grandpa, whereas the Italian machine is like your crazy cousin who keeps getting you in trouble in the pursuit of a good time. Somehow, Moto Motivo has managed to strike a healthy balance between the two, producing a cafe racer featuring the best parts of each. Starting with a busted ass 1972 R75/5, Johann and the MM crew have brought this b...

BMW 'M100S' by Moto Motivo

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Imagine you work at a motorcycle dealership that sells only the most exclusive of brands from Italy and Germany. You also own the latest and greatest BMW Sportsbike on the planet. Do you really nee…

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At the height of the Import Tuner scene (think the release of The Fast and the Furious in Japanese workshops like JUN and Top Secret were the leading names, having developed a reputation for…