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myladylovearchive:  Replaceable by samanthadoodles “Regina, really, it’s just a scratch! You don’t need to—”“It is not just anything, Emma. Clearly damage has been done here!”“…I’m sorry I ripped your jeans…” “Yes, dear, I am sure you are. Now hold still.”“You’re really mad about this, aren’t you?”“…Clothing is replaceable, Emma. You are not.”“Regina?”“Yes?”“I love you too.”

Replaceable by dear-chemistry on deviantART

Girl, you are on FIRE! by Qaizor on deviantART

by Qaizor on deviantART I'm not a swan queen shipper, but…

Swanqueen - on Ellen Show by Qaizor

so another SQ comic hope you guys like it (SQ means SwanQueen Regina Mills (the evil Queen) and Emma Swan (the saviour). It is a fandom of the tv show: Once Upon a Time.

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "swan queen fanart"

Regina's way by NanaiHime on deviantART #SwanQueen ❤️

Regina's way by NanaiHime on deviantART ❤️ Everything I ever wanted in this damn show summed up in this perfect drawing.

No fundo gostaria que tivesse atitude, que pelo menos escutasse seu coração, passaria a noite toda com você. Porem entendo que o medo é maior, sentimentos quando verdadeiros causa isso! causa frio na barriga, medo, desejo,dúvida e tudo mais. Patológico seria não sentir todos esses sintomas da paixão.

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De ser dos personas reales picándose, yo creo que seria Emma, es malo retarme y apostar un beso.

Swanqueen a SQ comic it took me 5 days to make. but it was REALLY fun to make (I do not own any of the chars, just me having some fun) uh and it is also based on a real story of mine XD just .