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AXIS Y, a unique pair of sunglasses that will not obscure the wearer's vision, will be sure to offer clarity, comfort and UV protection. Please DO NOT wear for a long period of time or whilst driving.

AXIS Y is a unique pair of sunglasses from Percy Lau's DECONSTRUCTION collection. The vertical splits will not obstruct vision. - Vertical splits create a half-inch offset on both lenses.

PETER COOMBS - BRIDGE II 1994. This design is a continuation of previous bridge designs. Unique to this frame is the machine styled hinge. Pairs made: 3. Frame materials: Anodised Aluminium, Sterling Silver, Ebony. Dimensions: 140mm x 48mm. Collections: Elton John Private Collection, UK.

A 30 Year history of bespoke and limited edition hand crafted eyewear (eyeglasses and sunglasses). Sterling Silver hinges are the Peter Coombs signature feature.

Tendance lunettes : ALL DESIGNERS

TRENDING: Round John Lennon inspired sunglasses by Mykita + Damir Doma / Bardfield / forest green Zippertravel.

SUMMER - LOUIS VUITTON - Handcrafted wood frame sunglasses with gold-rimmed brown lenses. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Handcrafted wood frame sunglasses with gold-rimmed brown lenses Louis Vuitton

Vintage 1940s tortoise shell glasses. Hand made in England.

Vintage 40s eyeglasses tortoise shell effect unusual bridge detail men's M EXC

This is what I'm talking about! Ndebele as inspiration for a contemporary sunglasses range

WOKstore x SUPER Ndebele Special Sunglasses: As SUPER begins its SUPER Moves To series, which finds the luxury eyewear brand putting their

Peter Combs

PETER COOMBS - OCEAN MIRAGE Looking out to sea the moon sits low on the calm ocean surface. Pairs made: Frame materials: Anodised Aluminium, Titanium, Sterling Silver, Ebony. Dimensions: x Collections: Peter Coombs Design, Australia.

And when we want Steampunk sunglasses - there are some that don't have to look like we are going to a masquerade metal party. Round Steampunk Sunglasses by Hi Tek

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Ulyana Sergeenko’s hand-embroidered sunglasses speak to her Moscow home and fashion-world prestige.