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During the two years I spent researching and compiling Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound, Prince was everywhere and he was nowhere.

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Iconic Music Writer, Arranger, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Actor and Singer.

Prince arrested in Jackson MS

The sexiest mug shot . Prince and one of his bandmates were arrested on March 1980 in Mississippi for pulling a prank on an airplane. Judging from the mug shot, Prince wasn’t overly concerned about the arrest or sorry for the prank.


““So I said to Prince: ‘What is the answer to a successful life?’ and he put his arm around me and took me aside,” recalls New York based, London-raised photographer Platon Antoniou of a portrait.

Close acquaintances have said in interviews that Prince had a crush on Beyonce. Prince himself would mention her frequently in interviews. Here they are at the annual Golden Globes Awards. He is adorable in these photos.


Musician Prince arrives at the Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater on February 2005 in Hollywood, California.

Prince, still love him!

Prince Rogers Nelson (born June known from 1993 to 2000 as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, TAFKAP, or simply The Artist), is a popular and influential Grammy Award winning American musician. He is best known performing under the name of Prince.


How to listen to Prince - from sex to politics to being dumped

prince on drums V

prince on drums V

Wait a few days, before you waste any prayers.    Purple Rain..... When Doves Cry...... Little Red Corvette....Rasberry Beret....  and his guitar solo upon induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for While my Guitar softly weeps.     Gone at 57 on April 21, 2016.

Attorney's office are also joining the investigation into the music icon's death.

Parade era

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New unseen pictures

New unseen pictures