so apparently I have quite a few bad habits

I pretty much have all of these except I've never used my roommates shampoo

Words Advice: Fall In Love With Yourself | #Words #Advice

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The drawings are simple and gorgeous: Each one features a curvy woman thinking an inspirational thought or having an empowering conversation with another woman.

This Teenager's Gorgeous Illustrations of Curvy Women Are Insanely Empowering

In a series called Cosmic Cuties, Mikhaila Nodel creates curvy goddesses who fly among the stars trumpeting acceptance.

Colleen Clark piece on women's body image - very well done but NSFW.

colleen clark body image comic - it is only part of the cartoon.but it is the part that rings true with me

Feminism, self love, and self acceptance

Using illustration to combat taboos around the female body

Feminism, self love, and self acceptance

This is so true & sad. Dont let people make money off your insecurities!

If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business. So true

He's alluding someone pulling a gun on someone who rejected him to self-defense?!?!?! No no no this is not ok!!!!!!!!!! Rejection is not an attack!!!!!

boy pulls out gun cuz girl said no. victim blamin at its finest! check out the prev n nxt pins fr full story!

Emma Watson and bell hooks Talk Feminism, Confidence and the Importance of Reading

Emma Watson and Bell Hooks Talk Feminism, Confidence and the Importance of Reading as Emma prepares to take a year off of acting.

Nuestro cuerpo está diseñado para contener la magia que somos, para ayudarnos a cumplir todos los sueños y retos que nos proponemos y para saborear cada momento al límite la vida que nos merecemos vivir.  Sólo tienes que creer en tu cuerpo y en la magia que te envuelve.  No hay nada feo en ti,  eres perfecta  tal y como eres.

She Might Be Spotlight: Artist Frances Cannon – Honest, Witty and Empowering