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Gynandromorphy: because of the way bird sex chromosomes affect development, some rare birds are half one sex, half the other, split down the middle.

The Amazing World of Whales Revealed in Giants of the Deep

Baby chicks know where to go if things get scary. That's right - straight under mama's protective wings! Mother hens are every bit as fierce in guarding their babies as any mother grizzly.

Ajam Cemani, Java Indonesia

The beautiful Jet Black Chicken(Ayam Cemani). The breed originated from the island of Java, Indonesia. The birds are completely black: black plumage with a greenish shine, black legs and toe nails, black beak and tongue, black comb and wattles.

I saw this photo of an Orpington Crele Legbar on a well-known auction site recently and just fell in love with it! The details stated that the seller was making 6 eggs from this award winning bird available for auction as a limited offer and may.

Man slaps an opossum, gets a handful of 400 porcupine quills

Lagosta rara de duas cores é encontrada nos Estados Unidos

Officials say such rare Halloween coloration is estimated to occur once in every 50 million lobsters. (AP Photo: New England Aquarium, Emily Bauernseind)