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Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul kaneki ken tsukiyama shuu blue hair flower formal hair over eyes hug multiple boys necktie red flower short hair suit turtleneck white hair

ayakane. Wooow I solangelo comic I haven't seen yet! They're adorable.

Can't believe this is real

and that is litterally the only way u can make me shutup lol but if u do that to me, and if idk u, or ur not my age, u.

Tokyo Ghoul | Kaneki x Ayato (and Touka) | yaoi | kiss | cute *----* | Should I ship Kaneki with Ayato? xdd :3 AWE!!!// pins for 8 years

I ship Kaneki with basically everyone, but it's mostly Hide/Kaneki, Ayato/Kaneki, and Touka/Kaneki

tsukikane by Shiokage on DeviantArt

tsukikane by Shiokage on DeviantArt