A cute boy with a thing for ducks. Believe it or not, that actually is someone I know!

Fakir and Ahiru/Duck - Princess Tutu. He was lonely knight, she was a duck in a girl's body. Apart, they struggled with destiny. Together, they beat it

One Stop For Everything Fakir/Ahiru

One Stop For Everything- Duck and Fakir's romantic kiss moment

Princess Tutu, Crowns, Crown

Duck's face is all like "wow I'm dancing" while fakir is just like "I hate my life"

Duck and Fakir dancing in ballet as Fakir lifts Duck as a ballerina in the air

Princess tutu - a show that taught me that you can change your fate, and love somebody else..

amako-chan: “ Another of my scans from the “Un Deux Trois” collective fanartbook (featuring a number of Japanese artists)! This awesome multi-character illustration was done by Torinone and the book is published/distributed by Santa Matsuri.