Don't land on the roof by maskman626 on DeviantArt

"Get off me Ethan. Immediately, Blue Boy let go and crashed to the floor. Tyler tossed the mop to Mark. "You made the fucking mess. You get to fucking clean it up." He stormed off. Ethan lept to his feet and sprinted after him.

YT: New Blood by Kiwa007 on DeviantArt

YT: New Blood by on DeviantArt <<<<< pewds mark jack and cry during an apocalypse Markiplier / Jacksepticeye / pewdiepie / cryoaptic

I don't ships septiplier, but I just love the fan art, especially with Darkiplier and Antisepticeye

Darkiplier with Antisepticeye are blackmailing Mark and Jack. That is fucking awesome! ^No edit of the caption needed.

Mark was singing this while he was playing a horror game so I thought why not making him look like a crazy, creepy guy with a chainsaw and I did... muahahaha!! I like how he turned out xD

when you watter your hair too much. :D by IvaTheHuman on DeviantArt> "water" you doing to your hair Jack?

Urma gursh

Mark:(*looks at Jack with seductive eyes*)Jack:( Mark.)Mark:( nothing Jack~*touches face soflty*) Jack:(M-mark.