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I Love Jenny SO MUCH!! We need a spin off series for her!!!

Something what I thought when I saw this scene for the first time: Jenny has a blond hair. Rose has a blond hair.

Ooo cake.

Doesn't cake make everybody feel better. Not even the doctor can resist the power of cake.

I am the Bad Wolf

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Here is 10 and his TARDIS

Makes me think how we as babies are always amused with boxes, not the actual gift. The Doctor is childish at heart, and he absolutely adores his box; The simplest joy of a boy and his box, where the possibilities are endless.

She's human! :'(  Such a sad episode.

"I am not a Dalek! I am human! I am not a Dalek! I am human!" The moment we all cried.

*screams from the rooftops* <---- *falls in a heap Disney princess style and sobs*// Sorry for the Tenrose spam, I just love them so much! ~Macy

*screams from the rooftops* <---- *falls in a heap Disney princess style and sobs* doctor who<<<imagine a Disney movie based on ten and rose awwwwww

Don't let go ! Art by 3D Joe & Max. Photo Guy Levy.

Something’s happening today in London - it’s Peter and Pearl with the monsters of Season Celebrate Doctor Who’s return with an all-new season, premiering this Saturday at on