Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs  "Temple of Beauty" Tulip

~~Temple of Beauty Single Late Tulip, bold, elegant, tulip with large yet graceful flowers on stems up to 30 inches tall, and its color — vivid orange blended with fuchsia — is truly stunning Old House Gardens~~

Tulip Tender Whisper

Spring favorite - Tulip Tender Whisper ~ rosy pink blooms of Tulip Tender Whisper mellow to a soft buttery yellow near stem. Produces at least 4 blooms per stem for a beautiful garden display or stunning flower arrangement

I'm crazy about parrot tulips.

During the century in Holland, a tulip bulb that would produce a variegated flower would sell at auction for incredible prices.

Parrot tulip Tulipa 'Green Wave' - elegant and intriguing, perfect for cutting

Parrot tulip Tulipa Green Wave - elegant and intriguing, perfect for cutting