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You done and broke that promise, Frank.

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gerard, i feel ur pain, i lost 2 beanies in the past 5 months

your black little heart is beautiful gerard

"From the bottom of our black little hearts" I'm going to have to use that>Okay but me and Juani used the "bottom of our black little hearts'' thing even before me knowing of this

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Nanana The Future is bulletproof, the aftermath is Secondary. It's time to do it now and do it loud. KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE! <<< one last time killjoys

Join my FMCR band comment and i will invite you to the board. Comment who you want to be and your fav. song from them

Teenagers ~ My Chemical Romance! I found the gif !!! Yes !<<<this is my new favorite gif

Teenagers ~ My Chemical Romance!<<<this is my new favorite gif<<< this or one Frerard gif which is also rly good

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How to Have a Seizure by Staring at Gerard Face Too Long :D Its worth it.<<<It really is I love MCR I'd have a seizure if I could just go to one of their concerts live:(