Galerie Block C Poster for Dineke Oosting -

Hansje van Halem balances between typography and optical illusion. Embracing curved lines and contrasting colours as openly as she does perpendicular lines and psychedelic colour palettes, Hansje works both digitally and by hand to create her designs

Prints and Tunes

Inspiring typographic poster collection designed by Matthias Gubler (typosalon) from Zü All image © Matthias Gubler

Motion Theater

[I like the geometric illustrations interacting w the images] Motion Theater promotion design: flyer, Poster, Homepage

Tổng hợp Print-ads sáng tạo hàng tuần (P22) | Advertising Vietnam

Print advertisment created by BETC, France for Philharmonie de Paris, within the category: Music.

Typography posters for Monotype NY

Monotype and Secret 7 have joined forces to present a series of limited-edition typographic prints based on tracks.

Should Facebook Manipulate Users? Jaron Lanier on Lack of Transparency in Facebook Study By JARON LANIER JUNE 30, 2014

Jaron Lanier on Lack of Transparency in Facebook Study

As guinea pigs, we deserve to know what researchers are doing.