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EW POPFEST 2016 by KamiDiox

This crossover needs to happen. But then again Sam and dean would have that mess sorted out in ten minutes flat

The two female moose observe as the male struts around, displaying his dominance over the other males in the area. The females are attracted to him, and one advances forward in an attempt to court him.

J to J: Tied Up by KamiDiox.deviantart.com on @deviantART

In the morning, Sam woke up to see Dean wasn't there. Later that day, Sam pulled out his best puppy eyes and asked Dean to move to his room. "It's a new place, and it's kinda scary". Dean barely co.

Lol it looks like dean and CAs/Jensen and misha being ashamed of how long Sam/Jared let his hair grow

Ya we're all nuts

This suddenly explains everything about my inability to trust a show where the entire cast is attractive supernatural fandom