Hyoung Nam - Christopher Condent (1690 - murió 1770), llevado en Plymouth en Devon, era un pirata inglés que llevó el regreso a los mares del este. En 1718, en las islas de Cabo Verde, Condent y sus hombres capturaron un barco portugués que llevaba vino. Condent entonces navegó a Brasil, donde él tomó más premios, cortando ocasionalmente las orejas y la nariz de prisioneros portugueses. Regresó a Cabo Verde, donde capturó una flotilla de veinte naves y una balandra holandesa. Condent mantuvo…

Christopher Condent, also known as Billy One-Hand, was a pirate captain and one of the original.

pirate concept

Evocative imagery for Prospero. This makes him look like a pirate captain with the large hat, jackets, and red clothing that is usually associated with wealth.

Captain Teague by ~mechaniac on deviantART ~ Jack Sparrow's father ~ POTC

m Bard Pirate Captain Teague by ~mechaniac on deviantART ~ Jack Sparrow's father ~ POTC

Guard Captain Mk. 1 by lundqvist on DeviantArt

This is the image I use to remind me of Suesthensarg - introduced in my book "Raven Sword". The man here has metal armour, Suesthensarg wears leather and mail and prefers the bow to the sword.

::a show of influence and success::    Captain Adam Baldridge

The concepts of the detailed characters and stunning landscapes of Uncharted A Thiefs End were created from the minds and hands of Naughty Dogs talented design team. Today, were excited to feature one of these amazing concept artists, Hyoung Nam.