(Name: Ash) (Gender: Male) (Role: Alpha Warrior and Beta Hunter) (Age: 1 year) (Bio: Cousin of lost and brother of Em, & is a silent walker)

Frostbite male Alpha daughter-Luna Sons-Tiger and Lion Mate-Flame(deceased) Cruel and mean. Loves fighting and battle.

A Pup in His Eyes by Tazihound.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Saba and Finn tie the knot surrounded by their closest friends and family Fable (c) (honorary bridesmaid) Mona (c) (bridesmaid) Fey (c) (bridesmaid) Impala (c).

Name: Black Jack Gender: male personality: fierce, loyal, warrior. Will do anything for his pack. No mate or pups, or siblings. Has the ability to form the shadow of any object living or not. Crush: Glow ( open rp)

Wolf name: Spirit Male Alpha and Omega wolf Shape shifter/Any animal power Traits from father: Nothing Traits from mother: Nothing Mate: Broken Wing What Spirit is like~ Very flirtatious, funny, prankster, and mean if he has to be.