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Kiss P6

Kiss P6 so hungry

Awe Soul and Maka with children

Still me (part 3) by KeysaMoguri on deviantART

RIP Misty who died of cuteness from this pin<<--AWWW

Maka and Soul

Maka and Soul


Soul x Maka


Soul and Maka doujinshi

Soul and Maka

Soul Eater :) soul x maka XD

Stein x Marie

Marie x Stein

Dis is CUTE

"Soul Eater" fan art - SoMa Week, day First I love you by KeysaMoguri

Soul Eater ~~ Maka and Justin

Soul Eater ~~ Maka and Justin aww man lolz

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Soul Eater: Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn; Soulmates, Part

Soul Eater SoMa week - Day 7 Goodbye by nayght-tsuki

My fellow shippers understand

So cute I will ship Maka + Soul forever!

Death Weapon Meister Academy students and faculty

(Soul Eater) Maka Albarn/Soul Evans

Maka and Soul -Soul Eater