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Orchid.   ("Bulbophyllum plumatum.")  In the orchid family, per Chrome research.)

Bulbophyllum plumatum, an unusual member of the orchid family found in Sumatra and the Philippines at elevations around 1000 meters.


Estas Flores Exóticas Têm Cores e Formas Impressionantes!

Japanische Krötenlilie (Tricyrtis hirta) = "Hairy Toad Lily" or "Japanese Toad Lily"

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Cinnabar Orchid (Sudamerlycaste cinnabarina) named for its cinnabar-colored lip. A ground orchid found in Peru, as high as Machu Picchu.


Pretty pink orchid Sorry, but I had to post this lovely lady! The flowers that God has designed simply take your breath away!

Colourful Miltonia Sunset Orchid. Orchid care:

Miltonia Sunset Orchid is a cross between the species Miltonia regnellii and the hybrid Miltonia Goodale Moir.

Masdevallia Rosea Orchid

Masdevallia Rosea Species Orchid Plant ,these are Very beautiful the shape of these is Amazing.

Miltonia orchid

There are so many different types of flowers from around the world. This list offers some of the most popular that have their own spectacular features.