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Cactus cardón, the world's tallest species of cactus.Otherwise known as the organpipe cactus. They grow near the Arizona/Mexico border.(Big enough for the "tree" category!

JoanMira - 2 - Pays francophones : L'image du jour - 18-02-2017 - Arbre du voyageur

Ravenala madagascariensis, commonly known as Traveller's Tree or Traveller's Palm, is a species of plant from Madagascar. It is not a true palm (family Arecaceae) but a member of the bird-of-paradise family, Strelitziaceae.

Montero / Anagrama | Design despace

Montero / Anagrama

Fantastic example of interior branding at work by Anagrama studio of El Montero Restaurant in Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico.

jardin etnobotanico, oaxaca.

Lauren Wolf’s Double Desert (Wedding!) Adventure “ Because two cacti-filled getaways are better than one. ” When the Oakland-based jewelry designer Lauren Wolf and her boy decided to get married, the.

Opuntia macrocentra (Santa Rita)

Purple prickly pear - on LA County's list of approved drought tolerant plants. Great choice for adding color to desert landscaping.

a tree cave!

Le baobab africain, Adansonia digitata

The natural regeneration of a Baobab tree. These trees live a very long time. Some up to 1000 years old. As they grow, Baobab trees have a tendency to hollow themselves from the inside.