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Futuristic Unbreakable Glass - New Bottles survive 10 foot drop straight to concrete!

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Ever since 'French Paradox' papers were published in 1991 about the benefits of red wine, consumers believe it’s the only one that’s good for you.


You& heard a glass of wine every day is good for you, but not every expert agrees with that. Here& the official word on how much alcohol is too much.

Exploding Wine Glass by Gary Ertter

A photo that could illustrate a sound. This photo could illustrate a shattering noise because it shows that the glass is broken and the liquid is flying/splashing around.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Colombard Vin Blanc wine and glass generated for Arcus La Buvette packaging.

There Are No Real Health Benefits Of Red Wine Study Shows. #wine #redwine #drink #alcohol #study #effectsofalcohol

Having a glass of wine used to be viewed as something that was good for your health, but new reports show that there are no real benefits of red wine.

glass on black final smash

I chose this picture as i feel that it symbolises the type of violence found in Macbeth. The fighting and betrayal in Macbeth is not the regular type of violence; it is violence between a high class group of people (represented by the wine glass)

Johnny Escobar

as the wine glass toppled releasing the sweet red heaven, my lips roam all over your body mesmerized by the touch of your the spells of your lips.tasting like a wine that I've never felt so drunken of.even in red heavens.