an Anthony Delareto Event

Photo booth prop display. presh.

Photo Booth idea, love it since I plan on having a woodsy wedding and I wouldn't have to rent the stuff just bring my own. Saves on cost of a photo booth which is about a thousand dollars in birmingham

an Anthony Delareto Event

an Anthony Delareto Event

This reminds me of summer dinners in Italy… not at all what it was like just gives me the same feeling.

Are you planning a garden party with friends for dinner? We shall show you 20 awesome outdoor entertaining lighting ideas which will transform your garden

This is pretty much what I want my wedding to be like...only with swing dancing and 1950's dresses.

Lanterns and patio lights - Lighting up Garden wedding reception. I think I would like my wedding to be something small like this


Photo (tinywhitedaisies)

The Wreath - This red brick background with a white door makes for a fabulous look. That wreath just pops off the door!