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black color, blue color, bright light green, celadon, color combination for…

2 Color Palette The most romantic combination of translucent turquoise, sparkling aquamarine and creamy pink hue, which accompanies the birth of a new day. This palette is.

Paleta de colores №1535

Sea surface with a hovering sunset has so many colors - deep blue of the depths, azure in the middle, and light blue almost at the surface.

celeste claro, celeste y rosado, color lila, colores de la puesta del sol, colores de la puesta del sol sobre el mar, gris, lila y celeste, negro y violeta, rosado, tonos violetas, violeta y celeste, violeta y rosado.

Black in this palette shades lilac and pale blue – the colors of the sunset at the Cote d’Azur. Pale light blue dilutes the combination of rather bright hues, making up a delicate palette. Ideal for a room of a young romantic lady or her boudoir.