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Adorable cats who are excited about Christmas Trees

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British Shorthair Cat Breeders in Australia. British Shorthair Kittens sometimes available for sale. British Shorthair photos and information

That cat looks like the kind of mom that would bake you cookies for an after school snack. Too bad she doesn't have opposable thumbs. Bummer.

* * MOM CAT: It usuallys beez de other ways round - one litter wif a runt. Me hadz one litter wif four runts ands a rebel.

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Kittens we rescued from a location (or slum) that we homed. NB: by

* * [Silver Tabby Kitten] * * " It may be time to gets another kitten, sir, but me be a Brown Tabby. De Silver Tabby be whiteish-gray fur wif de black tabby stripin'.

** "Stops waitin' fer yer life's love.Goes and seek em outz. De idiot mightz be stuck in a tree or somethin'."

Hilarious Truth About Cats That Every Feline Fan Will Relate To

Swirled Tabby | med cat: yellowheart-gray tom with a bushy tail,yellow eyes.terriable ...

"Acrobat, diplomat and simple Tabby cat. He conjures tangled forests in a furnished flat." --Michael Hamburger - nice little poem and a kitty cat what is better than that!