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45 | O Poder da Prosperidade -
- their religious symbol is the star of david  - they can't eat pork, and their food must be 'Kosher'  - boys are circumcised at a very young age  - they attend synagogues   - their holy text is the Torah  - their religious leaders are called Rabbis  - Jewish men are meant to wear a Kippah while praying, reciting blessings or studying Jewish texts, although some wear them all the time.
Bid voor de vrede van Jeruzalem
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Shalom - Peace - Salaam: May Peace be with you... and with everyone of all faiths and cultures! שלום
Another shabbat - Tuuli Levit
God bless Israel, the Land where my Savior Jesus Christ was born and lived! Israel is Holy Land, and God will deal with anyone who messes with Israels people or Land!
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