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18 x 24 inch Screen Print Signed Edition of 450 Release Date: SOLD OUT The Tyrant Boot print was.

Powerful Protest Art Exhibits

65 Ways to Protest

Shepard Fairey Playing Field - The latest exhibition from artist Shepard Fairey, 'Playing Field,' features a comprehensive collection of some of the artist's most .

Make Art Not War by Shepard Fairey print poster 18x24 inch

Make Art Not War by Shepard Fairey print poster 18x24 inch

Shepard Fairey | Defend Equality | Love Unites.

Defend Equality, Love Unites

'Defend Equality, Love Unites', poster art by Shepard Fairey.

favorite Shepard Fairey. currently plastered on my college dorm wall. Plaster it on yours too.

☯☮ॐ American Hippie Psychedelic Art ~ Make Art Not War - OBEY Shepard Fairey street artist . revolution OBEY style, street graffiti, illustration and design posters ~


Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see? Sometimes your words just hypnotize me!

Let Fury Have the Hour - Film Poster - Obey Giant

Let Fury Have The Hour - silkscreen movie poster (click image for more detail) Artist: Shepard Fairey Venue: N/A Location: N/A Concert Date: 2013 Edition: signed and numbered Size: x Cond

Peace Goddess HPM on Wood, silkscreen on collaged wood

Shepard Fairey - Peace Goddess on Wood; Creation Date: Medium: UV cured ink on maple;

This poster reminds me that segregation was still an issue in the USA until relatively recently. I love the strong graphics and the stark red, black and white colour scheme.

from "Ask a Copywrighter" blog ... designer not named - stated as "seen on Park Ave"

Rock the Vote / Shepard Fairey Obey Psychedelic Hippie Peace Art Poster ~ ☮~ღ~*~*✿⊱ レ o √ 乇 ! ~ Shepard Fairey is a street artist who originally became known for his Andre the Giant posters in many cities across the USA.

From the Archives, 2000 Authoritarian 18” x 24” Screen Print Edition of: 140

Authoritarian by Shepard Fairey at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art - Printed Editions - Ref 31243

Obey Giant Retro Art by Cale M., via Flickr

obeygiant A print I released back in From the Archives: Guy, 1997 on paper 18 x 24 inches