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Exactly what I tell my patents about my "internet friends"< tell? If I told I would die and never be allowed to use the internet ever>> my mom is always suspicious but I'm just like ' these people get me!

Gotta make life interesting lol

If that happened to my OTP, I would make it my life goal to beat him. I ship it.

A - Dean; B - Rhia

Latvia would be person B and Estonia would be person A so cute i'm dying. Someone shoot me.<<This was a sene in OHSHC. Haruhi is scared of lightning and Karou has o do this to help her calm down

The most romantic proposal. // When it's worth winning a woman's heart (because you care about *her* and not just to have her as a trophy to show off *your* greatness)...

A Pride and Prejudice Engagement – Her Boyfriend Proposed During Surprise Pride And Prejudice Performance That Her Family Put On.// Cherish that man with all your heart! <--- And this is my dream surprise engagement. or my sweet

Hnnngggggggg I imagine Steve would be the one kissing her neck hugging her just sleepy bby

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good worldbuilding means deeply exploring how a system would form around the fictional element that stands out in your universe.<< ALL WRITING PROMPS