10 Arquitetura Pins que podem te interessar

This is very similar to the previous sketch but the second drawing is only drawn in a different angle but without colours.

Galeria - Pracownia Rysunku DOMIN - nauka rysunku, kurs na architekturę

Drawing shows buildings placement and the relationship between modern architecture and the natural environment

Drawing of a Hotel in Gdansk, Poland / Project by Pawel Podwojewski

Do you hate the thought of having to book a migraine thinking about making your next hotel reservation?

The varied colours of marker in this design drawing accurately captures the appeal of the building.

The few colour used in the drawing was an effective technique to use as it brings context and realism to the drawing.


Conceptual drawing with great depth - use of the grey and dark marker render the image with elements of greenery and brown to show material.

Смотрите это фото от @modern.architect на Instagram • Отметки «Нравится»: 13.7 тыс.

Смотрите это фото от @modern.architect на Instagram • Отметки «Нравится»: 13.7 тыс.