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I even like the previous post, "Liam Neeson. This man gets sexier the older he gets! Young actors don't know how to be men yet, which is why I prefer older actors with character and intensity.

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Married for fifty years, Paul and Joanne lived in the same Connecticut farm house for 48 of them. "I have a steak at home."- Paul Newman on resisting other women

love this photo of Michael Clarke Duncan -- how his shirt disappears into the background, creating the illusion of his  disembodied Cheshire-cat head floating above his crossed paws...

Michael Clarke Duncan, actor, He was best known for his breakout role as John…

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Liam Neeson: A Tough Bastard

Liam Neeson - Ever since Rob Roy.This was a hard one to place.a bit of eye candy as well. : ) Male actor, hand, portrait, photo b/w.


Sam Elliott - there's something very sexy about this man.and it's not only his sexy voice.

Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage - one of my favourite actors! Loved him in "Family Man".