1973 Winnebago Cheftain "Walking Dead". by Misterzumbi

1973 Winnebago Cheftain aka Dale's RV in "The Walking Dead" by Misterzumbi.<<<I should not be receiving feels from a Lego RV.

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Enormous LEGO Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Takes Down New York City If you’re going…

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Back To The Future II DMC DeLorean! LEGO Replica by Orion Pax (Lego Artist).

6 foot Eye of Sauron/Dark Tower LEGO Statue by Kevin Walter.  Incredibly skilled, or best time waster in the world?  You decide.

tower of Barad-Dur (The eye of Sauron)- made of LEGOS! [ Mueller- Sean needs a board for me to pin stuff like this on, lol!

Lego 10220 - VW T1 Campingbus.

LEGO Creator Volkswagen Camper Van 10220 - wow I want one for myself let alone the kids!