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How to Host a Raclette Party

How to Throw a Raclette Party

I have to admit, this was my first experience using a Raclette Dish and the rules are, there are no rules…

Let me just start out by reminding you that this photo exists. | 45 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Is A God Among Men

45 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Is A God Among Men

Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy. If they kill him off like they did Opie, I'm done with the show.

The only reason I watch SOA: Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) Sons Of Anarchy  OMG I CAN NOT LIVE W/O SEEING HIS FACE AND BODY!!!

Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) Sons Of Anarchy. Whathave you done to me, Jax Teller?

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jeezus, if anyone had told me Charlie Hunnam, "Green Street Hooligans," British with a capital B, would play a plausible biker that I would think was hot, I would have told them they had lost their damn mind.

I just died! Mmmmmm Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Teller of Sons of Anarchy LOVE SOA.