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Gwent: Wild Hunt Riders - by Marek Madej “First the buffalo horns atop their helms penetrate one’s view, then the crest betwixt them, and finally the skull–like face exposed beneath their.

Snail mail by EthicallyChallenged

Snail mail by EthicallyChallenged

Shadow Warriors -  among the most loyal subjects of the Phoenix King and the tales of their daring and dangerous exploits are many in number. It is an unusual Elf indeed who has not heard of their valour. Though they are wilder and perhaps more vicious than the rest of the High Elves, it is because of their truly tragic past rather than innate cruelty.

The Shadow Warriors are an elite band of scouts, warriors and assassins, who are the descendants.

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The Weta Workshop Design Studio devised a brand new set of Elven armour and weapons for The Hobbit. These new artefacts referenced the design language established for the Elves on The Lord of the Rings, but also contained fresh motifs unique to the Elven

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It was a feathery thing, with a dragon like head and neck, four legs, and a long red tail. It had a plume coming off its head that was a dull orange, contrasting with the clear white feathers of the dragonbird.

Defenders of the Forest by Undermound on DeviantArt

Cover image for "Defenders of the Forest" a Liber Fanatica fan supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Go get it free here: [link] Defenders of the Forest

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