Known only as "Bear" by his peers, there is much debate as to whether he is a human, or, as he claims, the runt of a giant litter by David Paget

Kai wearing Royal Knight Set

Archer - Seems to me the helmet and parts of the armor would interfere with aiming and firing especially if you were looking for speed and accuracy.

Warrior, Barbarian

Caerdwicca (Furmenglaive Castle) area(s). [ArtStation - For Honor - Highlander character concept, Guillaume Menuel]


Nope, I did not steal your cookies, but you're welcome to search me for them. Sparta was awesome.

Bárbaro Celta

Every generation there is one born who embodies an idea. Here is the old embodiment of strength, ready to guide new should he find him.

Zedig by Lasfargue Leo

A Northern Plain Dwarf. These hearty dwarves are being pressed down farther south and west into the Spine mountains to escape King John and his Magic hunting raids.