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This moment was so beautiful.  I know that it has gotten way more complicated now but I adore these two together and the fact that Regina was able to open herself up to love again is such a great redemption story

Roland: Gina, you my mommy now Robin: smiles Regina: smiles Marion: wtf Robin? Robin regina Roland snow queen captain swan rumbelle snowing Dora and everyone else: go away Marion

Words cannot describe the noises that came out of my mouth at this scene!  Outlaw Queen LIVES.  Now we just need a man for Regina ...

"The Final Battle" Happy Ending <<< Not going to lie, kind of love this

Regina and Robin - 4 * 7 "Family Business." #OutlawQueen

we're about to storm an evil ice cream truck, Robin! That's the truth // Regina and Robin - 4 * 7 "Family Business.

And hopefully one day, one world, they'll be able to be together for good. #OutlawQueen

Awesome Evil Queen Regina Regina Bandit Regina and Robin (Lana and Sean) Parts aired Sunday


Regina and Robin, thank you to whoever made this. For some reason the idea of them just getting to do normal life things thrills me so.

I swear if they don't get married and reverse that infertility spell on Regina in the first like, two episodes I'm going to die.

Well this is lovely you know if Zelena hadn't jacked things up so now her kid is pretty much theirs at the moment 😘