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no literally I was on a long road trip with my family and my nephew was crying because I wouldn't give him my fidget spinner so my mom took it from me s h o o k

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I was never a huge fan of Cam Newton, his attitude reminds me of a spoiled brat. His physical size and ability is one of a kind but his play and attitude in this Game and after are exactly why I don't like him.

That's funny, but that's perfectly possible. Considering white people are only white because of a genetic mutation, the child was most likely born without that mutation; hence why it has a much darker complexion. That or they adopted the child.

The darkest jokes ever... Some weren't good but others were. . .im a horrible person XD

The darkest jokes ever. Some were awful. Not a fan of dead kid/ child abuse jokes, and a few others were just boring. But some was funny.

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Gucci memes for the not so easily offended. If you see a watermark and want to mention it feel free to end your petty life

This is so true...I am doing well in the campaign...let's try multiplayer...gets destroyed!

I Thought The Campaign Would Prepare Me For Multiplayer

Bruce Lee. I found this entirely too amusing.

Funny pictures about Bruce Lee's water. Oh, and cool pics about Bruce Lee's water. Also, Bruce Lee's water.


Kim Jong-Un versus Musician When you realize you've wasted 5 minutes reading this story