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Hahahaha this actually happened to me ❤️

saddest moment in SAO

Sword art online- no! sandwich-kun...too soon

Kirito ama i sandwich!

Aero Sky !!! ~ Front Up Website ~: NEWS : Alasan Kenapa SAO Season 2 Tidak Kunjung Rilis

sword art online memes - Sugu, what cha u doing with Kirito!

Sword Art Online || HOLY CRAP, THIS WAS SO FCKN SAD ;-;

OML this scene made me cry so much. I think it was the first (of many) time I cried watching sao


Sword Art Online - slender omg this is literally the first thing I thought of when they went here hahahaha

Omg what if this happened?!

Sword Art Online meets Star Wars I don't really like stars wars but this is funny

Challenge Accepted!!! #SAO #ChallengeAccepted #OtakuMemes

Sword Art Online Memes by deBoru

Damn, Kirito. Pls control yourself

I think this is the funniest park on swords art online 2 ( ps that is The main character And he's a boy) get happens to be that the place gave in that image

Me watching Sword Art Online *surprised that they are that close* lol ^they're so in love^

Asuna watching Sword Art Online *surprised that they are that close* 😂

I love Asuna

Lol, both things happened ;

Sword Art Online funnies

Sword Art Online episode 7 fanart hope you will like it. SAO badges : [link] [link] SAO FA - screw up?

This is my reaction when I know RO2 open beta is delayed, what about yours? щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

SAO - episode 24 fanart by *GreenTeaNeko on deviantART

Probably the best thing to happen at any moment... *looks around for five years* Well damn

Probably the best thing to happen at any moment. *looks around for five years* Well damn

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Sword Art Online logic <<< anime logic in general guys.

Lol people getting salty on this pin too like, Kirito trianed his ass off in kendo thus having an advantage in Sword Art Online. Whats more is that he was a beta tester giving another huge advantage so to say, he didnt start from zero along with everyone else IN Sword Art Online, That's it... naruto, one piece, hunter x hunter, bleach, sword art online<<<<that comment lol

Funny Anime Meme- Naruto, Luffy (One Piece), Gon (Hunter x Hunter), Ichigo (Bleach), and Kirito (Sword Art Online)