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61 DIY Paper Projects - From 3D Advent Calendars to DIY Paper Animal Masks (TOPLIST)

61 DIY Paper Projects

Beautiful giant paper skull installation in Macau, C Space by Hong Kong paper craft duo Stickyline.

Giant paper skull installation by Hong Kong designers stickyline


Resultado de imagen de skull low poly Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Low Poly Skull  I like this piece because of its minimalism and the way it stylizes a highly recognizable object.

Low Poly(gon) Art is a popular trend where the art is composed of geometric shapes/polygons, hence the name, "Low Poly Art".

Accessories: Flat-Pack Skull by Cardboard Safari

Cardboard Skull Puzzles - These human skull puzzle pieces are awesome. They are designed by Noah Scalin and are a part of his amazing ‘Skull-A-Day’ project, wher.

Digital Vanitas by Christian Fiebig  #skull #anatomy #sculpture

What a great project! Digital Vanitas by Christian Fiebig. Physical representation of a digital shaped skull.

Truncated Tetrahedron

This is an all wood Truncated Tetrahedron, which basically is a regular tetrahedron [link] with the 4 tips clipped off evenly so that 4 hexagons and 4 s. Truncated Tetrahedron in wood

See this Instagram photo by @poly_fish • 37 likes

See this Instagram photo by @poly_fish • 37 likes