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Typography by Bobby Haiqalsyah

Creative Typography of Bobby Haiqalsyah will be displayed in this post. Bobby Haiqalsyah is a freelanc

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Most people today think typography is all about fonts. Typography has for ages been an essential part of promotional material and advertising.

Lettering Time: Mary Kate McDevitt

This magazine cover is an awesome example of hand-lettering, which I believe creates more authenticity. This design was hand-lettered by the very talented Mary Kate McDevitt. Love her work.

best bang for your buck tequila...  TEQUILA EL JIMADOR / Real Good Tequila Campaign by Claudio Limon, via #Behance #Ad #Print

Real Good Tequila Campaign, global campaign of tequila El Jimador, in with I made the main illustration with the DRAFTFCB Chicago creative team.

awesome 20 Creative Advertisements on Food Products

Design for Advertisement on any food products is a challenging job for a designer. They have to stay alert about the latest trend of advertising.

Leo Burnett Sydney for Bundaberg

Electric Art developed these images using a mixture of stock, and retouching. These images won EA a Silver at the Annual AWARD Awards in Sydney, Australia for their digital enhancement and manipulation work.

Key Visual for Stejar Strong Beer, shot for GMP agency.Photography by Ciprian Țânțăreanu, beerstyling by Adelina Țânțăreanu, retouching by Raluca Băraru.

Key Visual for Stejar Strong Beer, shot for GMP agency.Photography by Ciprian…

Okay, so the content could be considered 'dirty' by some people but the design is fantastic.

Kama Sutra Book Cover Design by Malika Favre. This cover was rejected by Penguin for being too tame and not sexy enough.