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Hey girl, let's spread all those seed catalogs you got in the mail all over the bed and just circle stuff we want. All night long.ummmm sure.

More Teachers: Best Ryan Gosling Memes of All Time - Celebrity Pictures | Hollyscoop

This is really stupid, but when I read it, it made me laugh from a teacher perspective. Just the idea of the hot guy telling you (the teacher) that you rocked your new seating arrangement. Something about it just made me giggle.

Instead of taking care of my craft piles, I'm pinning Hey Girl quotes.  #Heygirl

J Baldwin - Ryan loves libraries! (have you seen this website with the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl," posts? some are pretty funny.


That's nice, Ryan, but burying serger tails actually requires more light than that.

haha, sounds just like my husband!

I have to really enjoy this today since I had a "Hey Girl" moment with my hubby. He offered to vote for my quilt in a contest. Now that is what I call a wonderful hubby!

Ryan Gosling Meme

Ryan Gosling - Hey girl, sometimes I get so sad when we can't watch the Gilmore Girls together :(

I {Heart} Teaching: Hey Girl...

Not sure if I understand all of the "hey girl - Ryan Gosling" pics. "Hey girl, you're phenomenal" for all my teacher friends

Feminist Hero and Mickey Mouse Club alumni

Gos-tronomy: The 25 Greatest Ryan Gosling Moments of 2011

Arent arbitrary beauty archetypes steeped in historically biased ideologies pumped out to us by archaic forms of media the reason that girls like Ryan Gosling so much?

I'm not crazy about the Derby but it was still funny!

If Ryan Gosling could be sitting with me and encouraging me throughout nursing school. Well, I was gonna say that I'd do great. But in reality, I'd be doing absolutely nothing but him :) SEXY white boy!