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Bamon + hugs

The hug between Bamon was probably the best thing in vampire diaries ever. I never liked Bonny because she was mean to Damon but this moment was perfect.

The Vampire Diaries- wish she would have picked Damon!!! heres hoping season for comes up Delena!!!

The Vampire Diaries- wish she would have picked Damon! heres hoping season for comes up Delena!

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Last Season of The Vampire Diaries – BTS Exclusives of Season 6 Plus a Spoiler! Damon’s Grave Pic!

Damon's love for Elena. Either way <3 that's what I said

Damon loves Elena no matter what. THAT'S what made him better than Stefan. Damon loves every version of Elena while Stefan only wanted her to be a certain way. It reminds me of my oyfriend

I didn't cry because it's over,  I cried because Stefan died!

I'm so glad that TVD got to be a part of my life but I'm afraid I wont be able to fill that space that TVD left when it got over ☹️

#TVD 5x13 "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Bonnie & Damon

I don't really like the vampire diaries. but I love Damon and he is the only reason I watched it

Damon Salvatore(Ian Somerhalder) & Elena Gilbert(NIna Dobrev)

The Vampire Diaries Damon & Elena "I need you. Because without it,There's an awful lot of darkness." And i need delena < True - The wolf that kills

Damon got me feeling some type of way. S6E15 was very emotional. #TVD #VampireDiaries #DamonSalvatore

I am so mad at my friends when they say Damon is an horrible person. He's an amazing person, he's just hurt and sometimes he doesn't know how to deal with it. So shut up please.