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Sin(a+b) ------------- = Cos(a)Xcos(b) Tan(a)+Tan(b) In word form. Sin(a+b) divided by Tan(a)+tan(b) equals Cos(a) times Cos(b)

Sometimes I wonder what happened to my brain to make me think things like this are hilarious.

Watt is love?

"What is Science? James Watt, Heinrich Hertz and Samuel Morse parodying "What is Love" song

miss Michael Scott-but this new season is great!

The 25 Best Michael Scott Quotes "The worst thing about prison was-was the Dementors"

"olympic divers mid dive.  or  men giving birth to pinecones?" omg bahahahahahahaha

Olympic divers mid-dive.

Fine line

There Is A Fine Line Between Numerator And Denominator T-Shirt

I don't care how simple this joke may be. I'm just happy I understand a joke that has to do with math. <--- this made me laugh as much as the joke itself.

I know that not knowing how to drop a handkerchief has seriously impaired my courting history. It is, however, indicative of the low standards of Cosmo that they would misspell handkerchief.

via UChicago Memes

Funny pictures about Troubled Rebellious Asian. Oh, and cool pics about Troubled Rebellious Asian. Also, Troubled Rebellious Asian photos.

Oh Adam

"Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science, is writing it down." ~ It's science if you write it down!

high expectations asian father on chick fil a

The "High Expectations Asian Father" meme serves a similar function to the "Rebellious Asian", in that it thrives on a widely disseminated racial imagination about Asian parents.


15 Reasons You Wish Mitch And Cam From "Modern Family" Were Your Real Life…

I found this really hilarious...i don't know why.

What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? "Bison" I love punny jokes!

Take the high road.

Take the high road.

Funny pictures about Taking the high road. Oh, and cool pics about Taking the high road. Also, Taking the high road.


40 Funny Pictures to Make you Laugh Right Now

how i think i look when i smile, how i really look, sheldon cooper, lion king.not that i think i look like a male lion or anything