Patrón gratuito: Bandera 4 de julio | The Blog

Patrón gratuito: Bandera 4 de julio

Show your patriotism with this American flag knitted with fabric yarn! Pattern available in four languages.

Free pattern: yarn hearts | We Are Knitters Blog

Free pattern: Valentine Heart

This February get a head start on the holidays with a Valentine Heart for that special someone in your life.

The Bee’s Knees – Pocketed Purse Pattern, with fabric lining, even on the strap.  If Santa Claus got her butt together, this could be lovely Christmas presents & a nice way to include some of my prized fabric stash... [NCS]

Charming & Quick Knit Pocketed Purse -Bees Knees Bag Pattern

fundas-para-tazas7 (1)

Patrón gratuito: Funda para taza de lana

Napa Cardigan - Buy Wool, Needles & Yarn Chaquetas - Buy Wool, Needles & Yarn Kits de tejer | WE ARE KNITTERS

Napa Cardigan

Napa Cardigan knitting kit 74 euros I wish I could afford this right now!

Sunset, music festival, bubbles and a whole sea of people to share it with.

Hi knitters!Today we show you a very easy-to-follow pattern for creating a bow tie using WAK Petite wool, for wearing or as a present. You can also use it as an accessory for your hair or as a funny broochYou only have to follow the following steps of this free pattern, so you could enjoy your bow tie made with WE ARE KNITTERS wool.

Free pattern: Petite wool bow tie

Hoy aprenderemos a crear dibujos mediante puntos del derecho y puntos del revés.  Para tejer estos dibujos es necesario hacernos un dibujo o esquema de puntos, y podrás tejer cualquier dibujo que se te ocurra.

Aprende a tejer dibujos con revés y derecho

30 Minute Mixed Berries Bag

30 Minute Mixed Berries Bag

With just a half of an hour to spare and a bit of leftover yarn, you& be able to create your own 30 Minute Mixed Berries Bag. This itty bitty knit bag pattern is ideal for storing everyday essentials.

Cómo bordar prendas de lana con punto cadeneta

Cómo bordar prendas de lana con punto cadeneta

How to improve the rib stitch | We Are Knitters Blog

How to improve the rib stitch