You are so complex  #jennyholzer

The central work from which this exhibition takes its name is Holzer’s biggest to date, featuring 25 sculptural LED displays programmed to pulse in an enlightening manner, and represents an atypically showy delivery from the artist’s normal minimalism.

JASON RHOADES  #contemporary #art #installation

JASON RHOADES #contemporary #art #installation

Airan Kang. Installation of Lighting Books.

I'm just a woman who loves books more than almost anything else in the world. I am a recent Classics major graduate, my other passion. I post book art,.

Mirrored sculpture by Justine Khamara. 'you are a glorious, desolate prospect' 2010

Imagination reshapes it. - Mason Cooley Art Installation by Justine Khamara. You Are A Glorious Desolate Prospect Mirrored Sculpture.

jenny holzer, BLUE PURPLE TILT, 2007

hauserwirth: ARTIST ROOMS: Jenny Holzer is now open at mac birmingham (Regram: and – Jenny .

Fusion festival 2009

Festival Lights, Industrial Park, Light Art Installation, Stage Design, Set Design, Pavilion, Equation, Edm, Cubes

Something of the imaginary, for a contrast to reality - lifted motorway/ cars/ characters/ telephone poles etc. Scenic Design for Oedipus Rex


Solid Light Films by Anthony Mccall

Between You and I 2006 Installation view at Peer/The Round Chapel, London, 2006 by Anthony McCall