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I want this fire. I don't want lukewarm love I want passionate life changing heat. Fire that sets your soul on fire and never dies out. I feel that for you.

That first kiss... has never happened. I think  it makes me love you even more, though. We were together for so long and did not even kiss.

U don't know how long I've wanted you to kiss me Do it all ready. Kiss me. Kiss me hard, and long. Kiss me with all of you. Your mind, and soul, and heart. Just kiss me.

My soul made love to your soul long before our bodies met...

this is absolutely beautiful. "my soul made love to your soul long before our bodies met".= was afraid to 'make a move '' as knew you were too amazing to lose , but our souls made love before our bodies did my darling soulmate Suz ❤️

Brave.  My mind can be quite intense.

It's beautiful when you find someone that's In love with your mind.Someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts.

Falling in love can be scary, but it is oh so worth it. "Fall in love a little and if you are feeling very brave. fall in love a whole fucking lot.

I don't want, I need :/

i want somebody with a sharp intellect and a heart from hell. somebody with eyes like starfire and a mouth with a kiss like a bottomless well but mostly i just want someone who will love me when i don't know how to love myself beau taplin Priorities- book

I will creepily maintain eye contact with everyone I see today. And watch their souls catch fire just as the non- existant sexyness of my soulful eyes comes through and captivates them.

A love letter, please write me one or a thousand (preferably) <3 I want something like this so whenever I feel lonely I can just read these and know you are here

Handwrite your husband/wife a thoughtful love letter.handwritten Love letters never go out of style! I still have every letter I've received!


A stored roulette of memories of you that makes my heart smile. When you are perfect, i love you. When you are flawed, i love you. When you are scared, i love you. When you are laughing, i love you. I am indebted to the universe for your existence.