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Funny Family Ecard: Next time the bully asks for your lunch money, tell him you left it on his mothers dresser.


Can I just get a bunch of these made up and hand them out like business cards?

Will cocktails be served at your daughter's princess party or shall I tailgate in your driveway? | Birthday Ecard | someecards.com

I'll be saying this to my friends with kids. But then again, this might be why I'm not being invited to the princess parties.

Saw the epitome of this at the casino last night on the dance floor! No one wanted to see that!!!!

So inappropriate, but certainly funny as hell! but so applies to someone we all know!

"How much is this?" ...as they hold the price tag out to you...well, let's see, the tag says $24.99 so it must be $24.99.

So true! this is to funny! Until you work in customer service answering phones, etc. because there are seriously some stupid questions out there, that make you wan tto give stupid answer!