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Waves Model.

Transformative Geometric Pet Beds - Nendo's Heads or Tails Dog Bed is Versatile in Its Design (GALLERY)

Fluffy and the Whale: Minimalist Fishbone House for Pets - http://www.decorationarch.com/decoration-ideas/fluffy-and-the-whale-minimalist-fishbone-house-for-pets.html

"Like Jonah in the whale, pets can enter the Fishbone House, by Korean design studio Pote, to escape the stresses of a human-filled world.


This actually seems much more practical than all the blankets we currently employ - Microplush Bolstered Pet Cover 30 x 30

For loveseat

Stop Kula from scratching the couch - Plush Pet Cover with Bolster - wonder if you could DIY something like this.

Cama Para Perros Somos SLEEPETS™ La Marca que consiente a tu mascota. Contáctenos y cotice con nosotros! http://sleepets.wix.com/sleepets

Check out this awesome designer bed for your dog! Now your loving companion can have his or her own dog plaform bed! The Rollerbed is a designer dog bed that


Scrappy's House: Personalized Pet Food Area and elevated dog bowls. To put in my mud room once I have one.

Dogs & Puppies #minimal #minimalistgigi | Minimalist GiGi // GiGi

Dog bed provides a beautiful and comfortable place for your pet. There are many unique options for dog bed design that is friendly and inviting

built in pet area ideas

Built in dog/cat bed. Awesome idea for pet lovers, would be great in a mud room or family room. Wonder if the pets would stay put in their custom space? If one those drawers pulled out with built in food/water bowls…idea

Cama Para Perro Contáctenos y cotice con nosotros! http://sleepets.wix.com/sleepets  Awesome! We're glad you like it! Let us know if you have questions at all #iheartmydogs #ilovemydogs, we're happy to help :) Here's my store ==> http://teechip.us/all-dogs If you were planning on ordering, save up to 10%, when use coupon: T22RAVWB

These modern raised dog beds by PUP & KIT are handcrafted from solid wood and feature waterproof canvas cushions.