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Artist's Daily Illustrations Are Each Tiny Enough To Be A Postcard For An Ant

Mini-Wasserfarben-Malereien von Lorraine Loots

Mini-Wasserfarben-Malereien von Lorraine Loots - :: Was is hier eigentlich los ::

Đẹp câm nín!

Artist Paints A Remarkable Ant-Sized Postcard Every Day Since Jan 2013 - By Lorraine Loots

Miniature portrait of Bill Murray by Lorraine Loots

Miniature paintings Commemorating Special Occasions beautiful tiny paintings and drawings by Lorraine Loots. Come and see the interview. More information & more images from this Artist, Press the Image.


Day 333 : Wedding day painting : our new (first ever!) housie in Observatory, Cape Town. We move in in February. 28 x 28 mm. (at Old Mac Daddy)

paint it beautiful

Day : The most extraordinary feature on Jupiter is undoubtedly the Great Red Spot, a giant hurricane-like storm seen for more than 300 years. At its widest, the Great Red Spot is three times the diameter of the Earth. 27 x 27 mm.

Postcards for Ants: A 365-Day Miniature Painting Project by Lorraine Loots

365 Postcards for Ants

365 Postcards For Ants: Illustrator Lorraine Loots Creates One Mini Painting Per Day For A Year

鉛筆削りより小さいスペースで誰もが納得の絵を描く人間がいる : あごひげ海賊団

Postcards for Ants: A 365 Day Miniature Painting Project by Lorraine Loots