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Ladynoir by Psychoon on DeviantArt

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Adrien❤️ my cinnamon roll

(Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir) Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

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If Adrian kissed Marinette cuz his chat came out. Or this could happen if he figures out that Marinette is Ladybug before she figured out about him.

LadyNoir — zoe-oneesama: Ladynoir playing with colors...

zoe-oneesama: “ Ladynoir playing with colors Adrienette, Marichat, Ladrien ”

A little problem by micchiyume on DeviantArt

It's funny the cat has a fish because April Fools in France is Poisson d'Avril (The Fish of April). Their pranks are trying to stick a fish on your friends' back. So the kitty giving her a fish is perfect french prank

There Must Have Another Way, Mari by erica693992.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

How to get Chat Noir to shut up and faint. Step Get his Lady(AKA Ladybug AKA Marinette Dupin-Cheng) Step Make Ladybug kiss Chat Noir. Step Leave him alone to think about what just happened. Step Watch him Fangirl like an idiot and faint from happiness.