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Lol he was still cute

Why would anyone call mah baby ugly 😭😭 ily always Natsu💕💕♥️

nalu and gruvia xD

Cover of Fairy Tail - Fictional Romance ( Nalu Doujinshi ) Page 1 Page 21 &nb.

Correo: luisa milagros bellido salcedo - Outlook

Doujinshi number seven: Zeref:i knew this was gonna happen well going to the living room i go😫😫😫

Always dragging Lucy around.... thankfully!

NaLu Natsu always seems to be dragging Lucy around. Has anyone noticed that after learning about future Lucy loosing her right arm, Natsu would hold Lucy's right hand instead of her left like he use to.

The painful part is that you can't protect the guy who gave you a reason to live*

I dont know if we can say she gave him a reason to live.him a reason had one.but I love their enduring friendship.

OMG SOOOO CUTE  Page 6 by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt

"I love You, bestfriend "- chibi Nalu Doujin by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt

FairyTail  Nalu♡

When natsu came back after one year of training. I was just like your hair 😟 and then when I thought I was lovingly going to get use to it. He gets it cut and I'm like awe. NALU and I wish this pic could have been there actual reunion~ 😩