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11 Photos of Stores Offering Laughably Bad Discounts

Holiday Lighting

Christmas lights come with insanely ominous warning.

32 of the Funniest Home and Business Yard Signs – Put a Laugh on ...

Funny Yard Signs: Are They Effective? (With Samples

Do not park here the wrath of the ancients will fall upon your head your shoelaces will not stay tied rabid squirrels will invade your home

interesting...never knew lemons were perfect for orange juice! lol

funny photos, funny grocery signs, funny supermarket signs, lemons make orange juice

I think I may have to use this in the near future with the 2nd child...lol.

Pics Photos - Funny Sign Teenagers Move Out While You Still Know Everything


That moment when you pour a bowl of cereal and realize there's no milk so you sit there, wondering why bad things happen to good people.

I mean its Not $10 is it?? I mean the price is $9 and change....I mean

I hate my job (31 Photos)

Attention: Please Pay Attention

Are we getting someones attention over at the City of South Miami?

Coffee is pretty important.....

tools tips and trivia, for what you put in your cup

22 Funny Pie Charts You Can Relate To

22 Funny Pie Charts You Can Relate To

By people who love charts. For people who love charts.